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About us

Wanamassa First Aid Squad 

SINCE 1928

Wanamassa First Aid Squad is the primary provider of basic life support (BLS) emergency medical services (EMS) to the Wanamassa section of Ocean. Wanamassa ambulances are staffed by full-time EMTs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   We provide prompt, professional pre-hospital care to the residents, workers, and visitors of Ocean Township, answering calls for all medical emergencies, injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and fire and rescue emergencies.  We work closely with paramedics from local hospitals, who provide advanced life support services (ALS). You can always expect the highest quality of medical care and professionalism from Wanamassa First Aid Squad ambulance crews.

The Wanamassa First Aid Squad was originally formed as an all-volunteer organization by eight members of Wanamassa Fire Company No. 1 in 1928 and has proudly served the township of Ocean since. As the township has continued to grow, along with training obligations for emergency medical volunteers, it became more difficult for the all-volunteer first aid squad to respond to all emergency calls, especially during weekdays when volunteer coverage was lightest. In 2012, the Wanamassa First Aid Squad hired paid EMTs to work 6am - 6pm, 7 days a week.  By 2018, the paid coverage was extended to 24 hours a day. Today, full-time EMTs provide prompt, professional pre-hospital care assigned to four squads of two EMTs, working 24 hours on duty and 72 hours off duty.

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