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Ocean Twp. Elementary 4th Grade Girl Scout Troop Visits Wanamassa First Aid

Ocean Twp. Elementary 4th grade Girl Scout Troop visited Wanamassa First Aid Squad today for a tour of the ambulances and a first aid lesson.  After the troop learned first aid, EMTs Charlie Tjandra, Sydney Woolley, and Wendy Asia assisted them with building their own first aid kits.  Thank you for coming to visit and for the cookies.



First Aid Lesson & Ambulance Tour for Girl Scout Brownie Troop 231

On April 28, 2021, Wanmassa First Squad visited Girl Scout Brownie Troop 231 to educate the girls in first aid and . The troop was shown how to use  different first aid supplies and each built there own first aid kit.  The lesson was completed with a tour of the ambulance and equipment.  EMTs Evyatar Kanik and Michal Kalisz demonstrated how to secure a patient on the stretcher for transport.  



27 Year Residents' Farewell

September 18, 2021 - Ocean Township resident and Emmy award winner, Daniel ‘Trail Mix’ Wekselblatt showed his appreciation for Ocean Township Police Officers and members of the Wanamassa First Aid Squad. Pictured behind them are his famous, 13-foot sunflowers, which he plants each year. He offers residents the opportunity to continue the tradition and plant their own with his free home-made seed planting kits. We wish Dan and his wife the best on their retirement following the sale of their home of 27 years. From Left to Right: EMS Supervisor B. Levitzki, EMT M. Kalisz, Daniel Wekselblatt, Officer K. Delanoy, and Officer C. Larisson.



First Aid Lesson

From “The Coaster” newspaper November 19, 2020

On November 19, 2020, EMS Supervisor Brad Levitzki and EMT Michal Kalisz of the Wanmassa First Squad visited Girl Scout Brownie Troop 60237 to educate the girls in first aid. After their talk, demonstrations and a tour of their ambulance, the two first responders handed out supplies to each Girl Scout to create their very own first aid kits.  The two squad members explained how to use each of the supplies in their individual kits.  The girls all earned their first aid badges.  Tracey Anders, Troop Leaders, called the two squad members "true examples of heros in our community and we are so grateful to have had them at our meeting."




Wanamassa First Aid Squad attends MMC Medical Explorers Event

From RWJ Barnabas Health at October 23, 2020

Wanamassa First Aid Squad’s Brad Levitzki, EMS Supervisor, and Patrick Burns, EMT, gather near their rig with members of the MMC staff and Medical Explorers Post #175.

Monmouth Medical Center Medical Explorers Get Hands-On EMT Trauma Assessment Experience

LONG BRANCH, NJ, October 23, 2020 − Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) Explorer Post #175 learned about basic field trauma assessments performed by EMT’s, as well as basic and advanced life support, during a special program held in an outdoor area of the hospital on October 22.

Members of the Wanamassa First Aid Squad led the information session, which included an ambulance staging area and a discussion of the gear carried on the rig. Additionally, clinical staff from the hospitaldiscussed the care of COVID-19 patients in the ICU, and had a ventilator on hand for the Explorers to view and learn about. Infection Control and Safety procedures followed by the hospital staff were reviewed as well.




Face Shields Donated During COVID-19 Pandemic

From left to right; EMT Kyra Baumstark, Sam Garfunkle of Timberlane Inc., and EMT Lisa Degurski.

On April 6, 2020 the Wanamassa First Aid Squad received a donation of face shields from Sam Garfunkle of Timberlane Inc.  Garfunkle's company switched to making face masks for healthcare and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.   The face masks will help the Wanamassa First Aid Squad to continue providing service to the community while remaining safe throughout the pandemic.

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